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RWP / SIMTEC WinCast simulation software has been serving the global foundry industry since 1984 in consulting and software sales.


For those users who require TOP SHELF technology WinCast is the required software.  When accuracy is the TOP PRIORITY and absolute requirement, WinCast is the global industry leader.  It is the first and remains the best with a dedicated support staff of experts.


Some users prefer to choose software based on ease of use and speed at the expense of accuracy.  With WinCast’s developments in FINITE ELEMENT enmeshment WinCast provides desired speed and renowned accuracy while maintaining operator control.  There is no autonomy or elitism here.  This remains a tool for the Foundry Engineer.


This Finite Element software with it’s own internal CAD package and Finite Element stress module can perform all features claimed by other softwares while using the same 3D model.  This allows product optimization from idea to production in the most efficient, accurate and profitable way.